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  • Why should I consider buying mattress online?

    Because of the benefits, honestly. You are probably thinking, "But how do I choose to buy a mattress that I haven't tried out first?" Even though you can try the mattress in physical stores, you still risk buying the wrong one based on a brief 10-minute assessment of its comfort. Yet, online mattress stores offer a generous risk-free trial period - from 30 days to a full year. With a sleep trial, you get the space to test the mattress, with the freedom of making the final decision at your pace. Also, you usually get awesome discounts that physical stores don't have. Don't forget the fact that you get your mattress delivered (for free) to your home address too.

  • How to know which mattress is good for me?

    Start from your sleeping position. Are you a stomach sleeper? A back sleeper? Maybe a side sleeper? Or a mix of all, so - a combo sleeper? It's easier to navigate through the sea of mattresses when you know that. More things to consider are your preferred firmness levels and mattress materials. Most people prefer firmness levels from 5,6 up to 10, and you? Memory foam is among the material favorites, but what's yours? And what about the perfect sleeping temperature? Do you sleep alone or with a partner? Do you have kids? Head over to our mattress reviews to see all questions answered to guide you to your perfect one.

  • How to know It's time to replace a mattress?

    First of all, is your mattress older than 7 to 10 years? If you don't even remember when you bought it, it's time to think about a new one. A few red flags reveal your old mattress is ready to retire. In effect, red flags include poor sleep, stiffness or aches anywhere in your body, and fatigue during the day. If you find yourself in the middle of the mattress, or you sink in it more than you'd like, it may symbolize the mattress's decay as well. Not to mention physical signs of decay like lumps, tears, dents, sagging, or stains. Say goodbye to your old, worn-out mattress and start looking for a new one right here on Anatomy of Sleep.

  • How to buy a mattress online?

    Searching for this question was the first step. Continuing with honest and comprehensive mattress reviews is the second. You can filter your search by visiting our Best mattress lists for specific preferences about your new sleep cocoons, like the best mattresses for back pain or couples. And if you can't decide between a few, go ahead and compare mattresses by all categories that matter to you. The data we aggregated will show you a mattress perfect for your needs. And by clicking our links, you will get a great deal on the purchase, too.

  • Should I buy Queen or King?

    That depends on your preferences, budget, and of course, the size of the room and bed foundation. Queen is the most popular size for couples, but King is better if you prefer more space, have kids, pets or move a lot while you sleep. In that case, if you value your need for space and the earned right for a good night's sleep, King size is your best choice. It's a bit more expensive, so consider all the factors from mattress reviews before making the final decision.

We write trustworthy, objective & unbiased mattress reviews

To improve the quality of life is our collective purpose and the answer to why we do all this. We know you need objective and professional reviews of online mattress brands and other products to make an informed decision.

By thoroughly researching reliable mattress review sources, we create candid reviews, with no exceptions. The final result gives insights and knowledge that will save your time and be relevant to your situation, body, and preferences.

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