Best Organic Mattress – 2024 Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Written by: Milica Terzic
Updated: 01/10/2024

People get an organic mattress for various reasons. Some are allergic to flame retardants, formaldehyde, and dust mites.

Organic mattresses have higher quality materials like latex, wool, cotton, and bamboo. That’s a good enough reason that organic is the mattress of choice.

Some people shop only for eco-friendly, vegan, or PETA-approved things. This is also great because mattresses on the list are of that sort. Buying organic for some people means lower negative impacts on the environment.

Which type are you?

Maybe you’re not looking for an organic mattress specifically, but for something that is:

  • free of harsh chemicals
  • hypoallergenic
  • sustainable
  • eco-friendly
  • comfy, long-lasting, and supportive
  • great and healthy for little kids
  • pleasant to the touch.

Organic mattresses are all of that, and you’ve come to the right place!

There are many options on the market, and it can be a lot to research every single one. The good news is we took some time to make a list of the best organic mattresses to help you out. 

Disclaimer: We will talk about the best organic mattresses at the current moment. Indeed, there are many more green, healthy options on the market. We will unmistakably update our list if we find a better one in the meantime. 

Our Picks for Best Organic Mattresses 2024

AvocadoBest Organic Latex Hybrid Mattress

ZenhavenBest Organic Luxury Mattress

Those are the mattresses. Now let’s dive into detail…

Avocado – Best Organic Latex Hybrid Mattress

Avocado - Best Organic Latex Hybrid Mattress

The Avocado mattress has more than a dozen certifications. They prove Avocado is sustainable, but also one of the best organic mattresses out there.

The Avocado Green mattress is a trendy latex hybrid with 100% organic materials. It is non-toxic and durable, an investment that will last you a long while. This supportive mattress will cater to most sleeper body types. Especially back and average-weight stomach sleepers.

Its high level of versatility is also due to the changeable firmness of the mattress. You can add an extra layer of latex that is sewn in. Make sure you check ‘Add attached pillow-top’ when ordering the Avocado mattress. 

The added layer gives Avocado Green two extra inches and more plush latex. More inches means a less firm mattress. 

Avocado has a 7/10 firmness in its regular version/size. But, when you add the attached pillow top, it becomes a 6/10 on the firmness scale. From a medium-firm to a gentle firm at the drop of a hat!

Choose to sleep on latex! It’s a very responsive material that lets you sleep cool. Also, latex used in Avocado is certified organic by the GOLS standard.

What also makes Avocado a cool mattress are coils. Air circulates undisturbed thanks to them. Organic wool regulates heat even more.  

Can you believe all Avocado mattresses are handmade? Yes, in the Los Angeles factory that works hard to keep the carbon footprint negative! 

Only certified organic and durable materials are in the Avocado:

  • Cotton
  • Wool
  • Latex
  • Steel
  • And other materials

All combined make a product excelling in quality and offering the most peaceful nighty-night

How amazing is that? It’s pretty marvelous, knowing you also get a full-year sleep trial and a quarter of a century warranty for the Avocado Green mattress. Anyone wanting a natural, organic mattress will be thrilled with picking Avocado Green.

What Makes Avocado Green Mattress Stick Out?

  • Avocado is a non-toxic certified mattress handmade in LA.
  • Terrific for pressure relief, it’s rated #1 for back support.
  • Among many others, it’s also GREENGUARD GOLD certified.
  • It’s durable, sustainable, and very comfy.
  • It caters to nearly all body types.
  • We don’t recommend it for heavyweight stomach sleepers (they find the mattress too soft; lightweight stomach sleepers find it too firm).

If this mattress sparked your interest, then be sure to check out the full Avocado Green Mattress review to learn more about its certifications and comfort levels…


Avocado is a hybrid mattress with latex comfort layer and pocketed coils popular among many different sleepers.

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Product Details



Trail Period

365 nights

Shipping Method

Free Shipping


Medium-firm 7/10 With pillow top 6/10


25-year warranty

Price Range


Our Recommendation

Perfect for:

Back Sleepers

Ideal for lightweight and average weight back sleepers.

Back Pain

This mattress is perfect for anyone with back pain.

Hot Sleepers

If you tend to overheat, this mattress is excellent when it comes to heat regulation.



Average Customer Rating:

4.7 / 5

Zenhaven – Best Organic Luxury Mattress

Zenhaven - Best Organic Luxury Mattress

A bonne nuit and a healthy rest come when we sleep enough. And when we have a fantastic mattress that will hug our body, relieve the pain and allow us to dream vividly. 

Zenhaven Latex Mattress is one of those beds. This luxury flippable mattress is made by Saatva. It has organic certifications for its materials: pure Talalay latex, wool, and cotton. The way it’s made, Zenhaven is a healthier choice for you AND the planet.

  • The 100% pure natural Talalay latex has GOLS, and OEKO-TEX® Standard 100. They certify the mattress to be free of toxic chemicals. It is also hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, dust mite resistant, and mold-resistant.
  • The 100% GOTS certified New Zealand wool is a flame retardant. It regulates body heat, making Zenhaven breathable and pleasant. Wool is a natural substitute for harmful chemical compounds used as flame retardants.
  • Organic cotton is quilted in the cover of the Zenhaven mattress. It’s protected with Guardin™, a non-toxic, botanical antimicrobial treatment.

Zenhaven is two-sided, bouncy, and responsive. One side is Gentle Firm, a 7/10 on the firmness scale, while the Luxury Plush is softer, a 4.5/10. The firmer offers uplifting, pressurefree support

The plush gives a soft, zero-gravity feel. Both sides of the mattress relieve pressure points from all sleep positions. Even so, back, stomach, and some combo sleepers will most enjoy sleeping on the Zenhaven mattress.

Many back sleepers report waking up without pain in the morning. This could be due to thick latex layers in the Zenhaven. And that stands for both sides of the flippable organic mattress.

Classified as luxurious, Zenhaven comes with premium gratis services! Free white glove delivery is included in the price of the mattress, as well as free shipping. How great!

The professional delivery crew will bring the mattress to your bedroom, and not only that! They’ll even remove your old mattress. You will only need to tell them which side they should flip the Zenhaven. 

The mattress has sewn-in handles on the side so that you can flip the mattress when you desire.

What Makes Zenhaven Stick Out?

  • The Zenhaven is an all-latex organic mattress.
  • It is bouncy & resilient and comes with two sides.
  • All materials are certified organic.
  • Zenhaven is best for hot sleepers and back sleepers (and some combo sleepers).
  • Heavy sleepers should avoid the Luxury Plush because of less comfort and support on the edges.

This famous luxury organic mattress has so much more to offer! Be sure to read the full Zenhaven mattress review to see what else it’s great for…

Zenhaven Mattress

An all-latex mattress like Zenhaven is a top choice for anyone who prefers organic, luxurious materials and switchable firmness levels.

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Product Details



Trail Period

180 nights

Shipping Method

Free Shipping


Multiple firmness options


20-year warranty

Price Range


Our Recommendation

Perfect for:

All Sleeping Positions

Ideal for all sleeping positions thanks to multiple firmness options.

Hot Sleepers

If you tend to overheat, this mattress should help you sleep cool.


This mattress is great for couples thanks to its great motion isolation.



Average Customer Rating:

4.9 / 5

How to Choose an Organic Mattress

That would be our list of the best organic mattresses on the market now! Is any of them the right fit for you? If not, don’t fret! We made this organic mattress guide, so you get everything you need to know before getting that new mattress! Let’s jump into it.

What Is an Organic Mattress?

Let’s cover the basics first. An organic mattress is made from certified organic materials and has a low environmental impact during construction. The best organic mattress is made from raw materials, high-quality, hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and free of dust mites. 

Even though many mattresses today are made from natural materials, it doesn’t mean they’re organic. Raw materials don’t make the mattress organic; certifications do.

A completely 100% natural mattress is rare, but the percentage of organic materials must be high to keep the mattress organic. And also, just because a bed isn’t certified as a truly organic mattress doesn’t mean it isn’t a green mattress.

The most common certified organic materials found in mattresses include latex, cotton, and wool, but there are others as well.

Natural mattress types are usually latex or hybrid mattress. Memory foam or innerspring can’t be a natural mattress since they’re made from synthetic materials.

Organic beds don’t have rigid rules – they can have different attributes or be of different sizes. Whether or not an organic or green mattress is the right one for you depends on its materials and your preferences. However, they’re all in the higher price range.

Organic vs. Sustainable Mattresses

Organic and sustainable are generally interchangeable terms, but they differ for the sake of certifications. 

The definition of organic is more specific, explaining how materials need to be grown and handled. Sustainability isn’t defined closely, but it’s still about being environmentally friendly. 

Some of the certifications you’ll see when shopping for a green mattress will be about sustainability, and that mattress might not have an organic certification. That doesn’t mean it’s all bad, just that it’s not organic enough by set standards. 

Organic Mattress Certifications

The best organic mattresses are those that are true to their claims. Mattress certifications exist to ensure responsible production practices. 

It’s noteworthy that independent organizations issue certifications without relation to the mattress brand. 

Certifications verify the safety and health levels of the materials used in the mattresses. They let mattresses use the certifications for authenticity and proof.

Gold standards for guaranteeing the organic origin are the:

  • Global Organic Textile Standard known as GOTS. The Global Organic Textile Standard controls materials like cotton and wool. Not only the growth of these materials, but GOTS also controls all other processes to be organic. The final product has to be at least 95% organic, so watch out when you’re looking for that certified organic cotton.
  • Global Organic Latex Standard, known as GOLS. It’s like GOTS, but it’s on latex. The standard also requires at least 95% organic material in the final product. 

Some health certifications are easier to get, but they are equally valid as GOLS/GOTS. Among those are:

  • GreenGuard is a standard that estimates the amount of volatile organic compounds (VOC) in a mattress.
  •  OEKO-TEX 100 Standard tests textile products and any harmful chemicals that can be toxic to the health and environment.
  •  Cradle To Cradle focuses on the environmental impact of mattress production. It tends to check renewable energy and water waster. It also checks fair work and wages within production. 
  •  Organic Content Standard makes sure materials follow a Content Claim Standard.  
  •  USDA Organic certificates that facilities, materials, and finished products are certified organic.

Pros and Cons

Yes, even the best organic mattress comes with pros and cons! Here’s what you need to know. 


  • Eco-friendly materials, suitable for those who care about the environment 
  • Less toxic and sometimes even chemical-free, with no toxic flame retardants 
  • Very durable 
  • Hypoallergenic, unless you’re allergic to latex or natural wool 
  • No dust mites 
  • Sometimes they’re biodegradable


  • Higher price range since organic materials are harder to produce 
  • The only choices are latex or a hybrid mattress
  • You have to check the organic certifications to make sure it’s legit 

What to Look for in an Organic Mattress

Now that you know everything about organic mattresses, it’s time to learn how to choose the best organic mattress for you. As mentioned before, organic beds can have different attributes, so not all of them can fit your preferences. That’s why we made this little guide to help you out! Let’s get that new mattress!


No matter what it’s made from, a mattress has to be supportive. A supportive mattress will keep your spine aligned, regardless of your sleeping position. For example, back and side sleepers need different levels of support and contouring. 

A non-supportive mattress can cause back pain and other health issues. The good news is that most organic beds are latex or hybrid mattress, which are some of the most supportive mattresses. You need to find the one that suits you, whether it’s a natural latex mattress or a hybrid with pocketed coils. 


Mattress firmness is a subjective feeling does your mattress feel soft or hard to you? 

To help us out, there’s a mattress firmness scale ranging from 1 to 10. Most people prefer a medium-firm mattress, but levels go from extra soft, soft, medium, firm, and extra firm. 

The perfect firmness for you depends on your preferences, sleeping position, body weight, and even whether you’re a hot sleeper. Just because most people prefer a medium-firm bed doesn’t mean it’s the right one for you.

Organic mattresses tend to have a lot of firmness options, so you won’t have any trouble finding the best organic mattress for you! No matter if it’s soft or medium-firm!


The materials a mattress is made from determine whether it’s going to be bouncy or not. 

Some people need a responsive mattress that can adapt to their bodies fast. Combination sleepers especially need this type of mattress that can handle their tossing and turning.

Some materials are very fast, while others are slow to respond. Completely organic mattresses usually have a fast response. 

Latex and hybrid mattress are known as responsive, and when it comes to non-organic types, innerspring is fast responsive while memory foam is slow. It would be best if you chose them based on your sleeping preferences, position, and body weight. 


Arguably, one of the best things about organic mattresses is their durability. Since they’re made from high-quality materials and have specific certifications to go with them, they can handle a lot. 

A regular mattress usually lasts 6 to 8 years. Still, a natural mattress can cross that mark by a lot, especially if it’s made from natural latex, one of the more resilient and long-lasting materials. 

Organic mattresses are in the higher price range, but they last long.

Pressure Relief

You might have painful joints if your mattress doesn’t offer enough pressure relief. 

Different sleeping positions come with varying pressure points, usually hips and shoulders. Your mattress should have pressure relief for these points, so you don’t get joint pain.

Memory foam is the best material for pressure relief, but since it’s not organic, you could also use an all-natural latex mattress. There are some non-toxic memory foams, too, though. The perfect amount of pressure relief can depend on firmness, responsiveness, contouring, sleeping position, and body weight. Most organic mattresses are good for back pain, as long as you choose the one that suits you.

Quality Materials

When making a certified organic mattress, all-natural materials of high quality are a must. They must be natural, organic, and, most importantly – certified. 

Most organic beds are made from certified organic latex, cotton, and wool, and even other materials like certified foams and coils are of high quality. 

Still, when looking for the best organic mattress, check all the materials with the manufacturers and do some research. Remember that they should all be certified, even organic cotton and wool.

Temperature Regulation

Some mattress materials trap heat, making hot sleepers feel like they’re making a short visit to hell every time they fall asleep. 

Hot sleepers need a cooling and breathable mattress to help them handle their body temperature. The worst mattress type for hot sleepers is memory foam since it traps heat. 

The best organic mattress for hot sleepers is a latex mattress or a hybrid mattress with latex. They’re both excellent for a cooling organic mattress.

Hot sleepers should also get a medium-firm to a firm bed. If hot sleepers need some extra help, they should get a breathable organic cotton cover from GOTS-certified organic cotton.

Edge Support

If you like to sit on the edge of your bed or sleep near the edge, you’ll need good edge support. This especially goes for heavier sleepers. You don’t want to feel like you’ll roll off the bed at any point. 

Mattress types with good edge support are hybrid and innerspring because of the stronger coils on the edges. Latex and memory foam have firmer foam on the perimeter, which is usually not enough. 

The best organic mattress with good edge support is the latex hybrid mattress type.


You’ll sense a particular smell when you first unpack a regular mattress. This is called off-gassing, and you’ll need to air the mattress before using it. 

While some of these gasses can be unpleasant, others can be dangerous, such as volatile organic compounds or VOC. But, organic mattresses don’t have this problem – that’s what sets them apart. 

Because they aren’t made with toxic chemicals, you don’t need to let organic mattresses air out once you open them. Still, even the best organic mattress might smell a little, but this will go away soon, and it’s not bad for your health. 

Motion Transfer

Do you share a bed with someone? Or do you just like your sleeping space to be stable? Then you’ll need a bed with no motion transfer. 

Mattresses with coils are bad at motion isolation. This can be fixed with pocketed coils, but the motion transfer is noticeable. Pocketed coils are individually wrapped coils, but that doesn’t mean they don’t transfer motion. Even the best organic hybrid mattress will transfer motion.

The best materials against motion transfer are memory foam and latex, although the former is better. But, most organic beds are made from latex, so you’re more likely to find an option in this category. 


Is noise something vital to you? Do you prefer having a silent mattress? Are you a couple looking for a quiet bed for some nighttime activities? 

Whether a mattress is noisy or not depends on its construction. Mattress types with coils, like hybrid and innerspring mattresses, can be loud, although pocketed coils are slightly better. 

The best choices for a noiseless mattress include memory foam and latex, but only a latex mattress is organic.


Another one of the benefits organic mattresses come with is that they’re hypoallergenic

Thanks to its lack of harmful chemicals, certified organic mattresses won’t cause skin irritation and health issues related to allergies. However, if you’re allergic to latex or wool, you should watch out for the type of natural mattress you choose.

Body Weight

We mentioned this briefly, but body weight has a significant impact on the mattress you’ll choose. Lightweight stomach sleepers don’t have the exact requirements as heavier sleepers. 

To make things easier, we separated sleepers into three groups. Lightweight sleepers under 130lbs need a soft to medium-firm bed with pressure relief.

Average sleepers of 130 to 230lbs should sleep on a medium to a medium-firm bed, depending on their sleeping position. Lastly, heavy sleepers over 230lbs should sleep on a medium-firm to very firm bed to ensure they won’t sink in too much. 

Heavy sleepers also need a bed that will keep their spine aligned and have good edge support, all while giving pressure relief and durability. They should be medium-firm to firm. Organic mattresses are durable and made from supportive materials. A natural latex mattress or a hybrid mattress is a good choice.

Heavier sleepers might also have issues with temperature regulation, so they should opt for a cooling organic mattress with the addition of organic cotton or natural wool. Check out our top choices in our guide on the best mattresses for heavy sleepers.

Sleeping Position

Finally, the perfect bed for you will depend on your sleeping position. Different sleep positions come with different requirements. 

Back Sleepers

Back sleepers are the most common type, and keeping their spine aligned is pretty easy. They need a bed that won’t push against their shoulder and hips too much or too little. 

The perfect bed for them would be a medium-firm to a firm one. The typical natural mattress types can be a good choice for back sleepers. 

Read More: Best Mattresses for Back Sleepers

Side Sleepers

Side sleepers are also typical, but keeping their spine aligned is more challenging. They need a softer mattress that will let their hips and shoulders sink while being supportive. Depending on their weight, they might even need a medium-firm bed.

The best mattresses for side sleepers are memory foam, but since it’s not an organic mattress, an organic latex mattress or a hybrid mattress will do.

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Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers are less common, and their sleeping position isn’t the best. Still, stomach sleepers need support. A mattress for stomach sleepers keeps their spine aligned and offers pressure relief for their hips.

Stomach sleepers should like a medium-firm to a firm organic mattress. Both latex and hybrid are a good choice, but the best organic latex mattress for stomach sleepers should be on the firmer side.

Read more: Best Mattress for Stomach Sleepers

Combination Sleepers

Known for tossing and turning, combination sleepers need a bed that can handle their movement. It should support them and give them comfort no matter their sleeping position. 

Because of their responsiveness and support, the best choice for them is medium-firm latex mattresses and latex hybrid mattresses. And since most organic mattresses are of these two types, combination sleepers aren’t going to have a tough time finding one. 

Read more: Best Mattresses for Combination Sleepers

Organic Mattress Types

The four most common mattress types are latex, hybrid, foam, and innerspring. While some of them can easily be organic, for others, it isn’t that simple. 

Here’s what you should know. 

Latex Mattresses

As mentioned before, latex beds are one of the most common organic mattress types. If you’re looking for an organic mattress, a latex mattress or a hybrid mattress is made for you.

A latex mattress is made from latex foam. Latex foam is bouncy, usually firmer, with good support, motion isolation, and pressure relief. It’s breathable and durable but has lousy edge support, and it’s in the higher price range.

A latex mattress isn’t always made from natural materials. Besides natural latex foam, there’s also synthetic latex and blended latex, but only mattresses from natural latex can be organic.

Natural Latex

Natural latex is produced from the sap of rubber trees. This sap is collected and used in different manufacturing processes to make an all-natural latex mattress. 

The difference between natural and synthetic latex is that natural latex is more durable, comfortable, and supportive. And synthetic latex is made from styrene-butadiene rubber, which is not organic. 

Not every natural latex is organic, so look for one that fits the Global Organic Latex Standard.

Two of the processes used to make latex beds are Dunlop and Talalay. 

Dunlop Latex

In the case of natural Dunlop latex, all of the sap is poured into the mold and baked. After it settles, there’s high-density foam at the bottom of the Dunlop Latex, while the top is airier. 

Dunlop latex is usually used in the support core, as this material is firmer and bouncier. It doesn’t come with multiple firmness options. This latex type is in the lower price range.

Talalay Latex

On the other hand, creating natural Talalay latex involves filling half of the mold with sap and then putting air in the material by vacuum. A Talalay latex mattress is a soft to the medium-firm uniform mattress.

Top latex beds are made from Talalay latex. Talalay latex is a better choice as a cooling latex mattress for hot sleepers and an excellent latex mattress for side sleepers. If you want Talalay latex, expect a higher price range.

Hybrid Mattresses

Another type of organic mattresses you’ll most likely run into is an organic hybrid mattress – especially a latex hybrid. 

Hybrid mattresses are made as a combination of two mattress types, usually innerspring and foam or latex. The support layer in a latex organic hybrid mattress is made from coils, while the comfort layers are all latex. 

They’re very supportive and durable and are known to fit many preferences. A hybrid mattress is an excellent choice for combination sleepers.

The best organic hybrid mattress has traditional or pocketed coils (individually wrapped coils) in an organic hybrid mattress. Since they’re made of steel, they must be handled chemically, but some brands use recycled steel. 

The best organic hybrid mattress comfort layer must be made from natural latex, like Talalay latex or Dunlop latex, or plant-based memory foam to fit the Global Organic Textile Standard.

Foam Mattresses

Foam mattresses are known for their softness, contouring, pressure relief, and motion isolation abilities. But, a memory foam mattress is less durable, and it’s hell for hot sleepers because it traps heat.

You’re unlikely to find an all-foam natural mattress when it comes to organic mattresses. Poly foams and memory foam can never be 100% organic since they’re manufactured from polyurethane. 

However, memory foam can still be CertiPUR-certified, which means it doesn’t have dangerous chemicals like heavy metals, lead, mercury, ozone depleters, formaldehyde, and fewer VOCs, among other things. 

Also, you could find a plant-based memory foam in which polyurethane is partly replaced with plant-derived oil. You can also add an organic cotton cover on top to make it greener.

Innerspring Mattresses

Innerspring mattresses are another mattress type that can’t be 100% organic. But, it can still be made without harsh chemicals and recycled steel, so it doesn’t mean it’s all that bad! The pillow top can be made from certified organic cotton or organic wool, making the mattress partly organic. A GOTS-certified organic cotton cover can also help with this.

Innerspring mattresses are the oldest mattress type. They’re made from steel coils in the support layer, with a soft pillow top for comfort. They’re known as supportive and durable but also bad at motion isolation and aren’t the most comfortable type.

Buying an Organic Mattress

Buying the best organic mattress isn’t just about your preferences and how it feels. We have some additional tips you can use to endure you’re getting the best deal possible. 


One of the biggest challenges when it comes to getting that all-natural organic mattress is going to be – the budget. Since organic materials require more work and are harder to come by, a whole mattress made from this isn’t affordable. Natural latex is in the higher price range, and an organic mattress of a Queen size could cost you around $2000.

All in all, you must be ready for the high price range if you want all of the benefits organic mattresses have. Still, they’re durable, so you know they will pay off. 

Additionally, it would help if you watched for discounts when shopping for a new mattress. The best times of the year for shopping are around the holidays, so aim for Black Friday sales, Memorial day, President’s day, Independence day, and other similar times. 

Online stores are cheaper and usually, come with free shipping. Some mattresses even come with financing options.

Looking for a more affordable mattress? Check out our article on the best budget mattresses

Online Shopping

The debate between physical and online mattress stores seems never-ending, but we prefer online stores, especially when it comes to organic mattresses. 

Online stores have more information you can check out to see if the mattress you set your eyes on is legit, and they’re usually in the lower price range.

Also, they come with other benefits like free shipping, longer warranties, sleep trial, customer support, and customer reviews.

Sleep Trial

A sleep trial is a must when you’re getting that new mattress! You need time to figure out whether it’s the best organic mattress for you. 

Most online stores have a sleep trial policy, meaning you have time to test the mattress and send it back. Sleep trials can last from 30 days to an entire year, but the 100-night sleep trial is the most common. Take the time you need!


A warranty is a must when getting that organic mattress. Even though they’re made from high-quality and durable materials, some manufacturing issues can still happen, no matter the price range.

A warranty should cover that. Look for at least a 10-year warranty, but you might even find a lifetime warranty, especially for natural latex mattresses.

Do Your Research

Last but not least, do your research! Take your time and check whether those certifications listed on the organic mattress are the real deal. Contact the manufacturer and inquire about the materials. They should tell you all you need to know. Also, check mattress reviews to see if other people recommend it.

Who Should Buy an Organic Mattress?

If you care about the environment, you could get a sustainable and biodegradable green mattress. Besides eco-conscious shoppers, organic mattresses are an excellent choice for people who care about their health. 

Organic and natural mattresses aren’t made with chemicals harmful to the body so you won’t have any allergic reactions to them. They don’t off-gas and don’t get dust mites

Also, if you want an eco-friendly mattress that will last you a long time and don’t mind the price range, an organic mattress is a suitable choice. Don’t forget to add a natural latex pillow and an organic cotton cover into that basket as well.

Other Things to Do to Make Your Bed More Environment-Friendly

Suppose your main goal is to be eco-friendly and chemical-free. There are other ways to make your sleeping space more organic. Here’s what you should do. 

Disposing of Your Old Mattress

This probably didn’t cross your mind, but if you want to be environmentally friendly, you must find a good way to get rid of your old mattress. There are two ways to be eco-friendly in this scenario: donating your mattress or recycling it. Donated mattresses have to fit a certain standard, so you’ll likely need to recycle them. And when it comes to that, you can either recycle it by yourself or try to find mattress recycling facilities in your area.

Organic Pillows and Sheets

What’s the point in sleeping on an almost 100% green mattress if your sheets don’t have the same qualities? 

Luckily, organic pillows and sheets are relatively easy to find. You can find pillows from natural organic latex or those certified as sustainable. Regarding sheets and bedding, certified organic cotton and organic wool, among other natural materials, are options you’ll find easily. You can also get an organic cotton cover for your mattress.

Cotton and wool are both natural materials, but it doesn’t mean they’re organic. Whether you’re getting an organic cotton cover or bedding from organic wool, you need to check their certifications.

All natural materials for your cotton cover or natural wool blanket won’t be in such a high price range, so don’t worry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is an organic mattress worth it?

An organic mattress isn’t a necessity for all. Yet, some find it paramount to sleep on environmentally conscious products. 

Some seek the best organic mattresses. They may share ideas about sustainability and healthier products in their home.

Organic bedding products are hypoallergenic and have way fewer chemicals like fire retardants.

It makes sense to buy an organic mattress if you wish for something better for you and the planet at the same time. Organic mattresses are durable and made with high-quality materials

Because of the materials used, organic mattresses will last you a long time. And that is without nasty side effects. Less exposure to harmful chemicals is one of the main reasons for buying an organic mattress.

Prices of organic sleeping products can be high, making it unaffordable for some. This is why we include best-value organic mattresses on our list.  

Every mattress on the market that is organic will have a genuine certification. It has the role of proving brands’ claims. Do your research even though we listed the best organic mattresses. Avoid flaky and untrustworthy brands that claim to be organic without proof.

Are organic mattresses better?

There are many benefits to sleeping on an organic mattress. First of all, these are natural mattresses – all materials are derived by nature. The most common organic mattress material is latex foam

Although at a higher price point, organic mattresses are great because they’re:

  • Natural and healthy

Organic mattress brands are great because they use healthy and natural materials. They ensure a healthy slumber. Materials like latex, wool, cotton, or bamboo are all-natural. Organic mattresses have no harmful chemicals that interfere with your well-being. Natural materials are recognized as cooler. Heat isn’t trapped as easily in green mattresses. Thus, organic mattresses are great for hot sleepers.

  •  No off-gassing

Because they are natural, organic mattresses do not off-gas. They don’t emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) when the mattress is first unboxed. There is no unpleasant smell for the first few days of owning the mattress.

  • Eco-friendly

Brands that make organic mattresses do their best to decrease production waste. They make and sell products locally to avoid transportation pollution. Organic brands avoid outsourcing. Instead, they produce as much by themselves in a small number of factories.  Some brands even donate and give back to the community in their locality. Reducing carbon footprint is among the main focuses of natural organic mattress brands.

  • Long-lasting

Mattresses with organic materials are naturally more durable because most contain organic latex. It is one of the most long-lasting mattress materials. It doesn’t sag, lose shape or become uncomfortable over time. Latex mattresses with organic sources are costly, but they are a worthwhile investment. 

  • Sustainable

Natural and organic mattresses are way better for the environment. Be sure to check if the mattress of your choice is recyclable and biodegradable. Organic wool, bamboo, latex, and cotton all are biodegradable by nature. Some brands could still use chemicals that intervene with the process of biodegradation. 

Ask the brand if they use sustainable farming and cultivation processes. What is their view on keeping the planet healthy?

  •  Versatile

Organic mattresses that use latex foam can be customizable. By doing this, natural mattress brands try to meet the broadest range of sleepers. Even if some groups don’t insist on an organic mattress. They will instead love the mattress for its inventiveness.  

Organic mattresses can have interchangeable firmness levels. They also may have different comfort levels depending on the construction layers.  

  •  Bringing Better Health

Thanks to its versatility, an organic latex mattress should ease and relieve pain. Latex mattresses are bouncy and have impressive motion isolation. This way, co-sleeping with a partner is encouraged. This means better sleep and less waking up.

Hypoallergenic materials in mattresses make the products great for anyone with allergic reactions. Even those allergic to latex!

It seems that organic mattresses are a terrific choice for your sleep and well-being! If you have the budget, get an organic mattress and see for yourself. Have fun snoozing!

Why choose an organic mattress?

As mentioned, organic mattresses are a great eco-friendly mattress option. They are better for your health and the environment. Certificates guarantee safety. The mattress is not harmful to the skin, respiratory organs, and the atmosphere.

Besides that, organic mattresses are long-lasting. They surpass the average mattress lifespan, which is around eight years. That’s due to latex foam’s natural endurance.

Price is a repellent when it comes to organic mattresses. Around $2000 for an organic latex mattress in a Queen size is the average. It’s a lot for a mattress, but knowing what level it’s produced on shifts the perspective.

Organic materials used in the production process are costly and hard to get. It costs a lot to produce these materials, especially the natural Talalay latex. Hence the pricey mattresses.  

But, we may see that an organic mattress is a fantastic and worthwhile investment. The high price point guarantees the mattresses will fulfill your needs and keep you healthy and rested. For many years.

Some sleepers will enjoy an organic mattress more than others, undoubtedly. That’s another huge factor to consider when choosing a new mattress. Hot sleepers specifically adore all-latex or hybrid organic mattresses. No synthetic components are present to trap heat. Latex with pinholes lets air circulate at ease.

What are the best organic mattresses?

The best organic mattresses are those that are true to their claims. Mattress certifications exist to ensure responsible production practices. 

It’s noteworthy that independent organizations issue certification without relation to the mattress brand. 

Certifications verify the safety and health levels of the materials used in the mattresses. They let mattresses use the certifications for authenticity and proof.

Gold standards for guaranteeing the organic origin are the:

  • Global Organic Textile Standard, known as GOTS. This standard controls materials like cotton and wool. Not only the growth of these materials, but GOTS also controls all other processes to be organic. The final product has to be at least 95% organic.
  • Global Organic Latex Standard, known as GOLS. It’s like GOTS, but it’s on latex. The standard also requires at least 95% organic material in the final product. 

Some health certifications are easier to get, but they are equally valid as GOLS/GOTS. Among those are:

  • GreenGuard is a standard that estimates the amount of volatile organic compounds (VOC) in a mattress.
  •  OEKO-TEX 100 Standard tests textile products and any harmful chemicals that can be toxic for the health and environment.
  •  Cradle To Cradle focuses on the environmental impact of mattress production. It tends to check renewable energy and water waster. It also checks fair work and wages within production. 
  •  Organic Content Standard makes sure materials follow a Content Claim Standard.  
  •  USDA Organic certificates that facilities, materials, and finished products are certified organic.

Final Thoughts

To sum the whole thing up, we will once again recall what the best organic mattresses are:

Mattress Best Organic Mattress
AvocadoBest Organic Latex Hybrid Mattress
ZenhavenBest Organic Luxury Mattress

Which one was your favorite best organic mattress? Are you planning on getting one after reading this list? Let us know and let us remind you that organic mattresses are:

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Made with high-quality materials
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable
  • Sometimes vegan and PETA-approved
  • Long-lasting

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