How to Keep a Mattress Topper From Sliding

Written by: Andjela Kastratovic
Updated: 08/17/2023

Ever experienced the exasperating “slip-and-slide” scenario on your bed, where your mattress topper won’t stay put and you find yourself constantly re-adjusting it? 

Unless you have a non-slip mattress topper, you likely have to deal with this daily, and it can affect your overall sleep quality. 

But worry not, because we’ve got some nifty tricks up our sleeves to keep that topper right where it belongs. From a simple non-slip mat to crafty DIY solutions, we’ve got you covered. This is how to keep a mattress topper from sliding.

Why Do Mattress Toppers Slide?

Before we get to the different solutions, we must figure out exactly why your mattress topper slides around. Here are some of the main reasons. 

Smooth Mattress Cover

The smooth mattress cover might be the culprit behind your topper’s disappearing act. Luxurious-feeling smooth surfaces lack the friction needed to keep the topper in place. Memory foam mattresses also have a sleek surface that makes mattress toppers slide.

Whether it’s a natural or synthetic fabric, without a firm grip on the mattress surface and the bed sheet, your topper may slide off during sleep. 

Too Much Movement

Mattress toppers also tend to slide off the bed from too much movement. 

So, combination sleepers and those whose children or pets are constantly jumping on their beds should be aware that too much movement may cause the topper to slide. 

No Headboard or Floorboard

Headboards and footboards add aesthetics and act as practical barriers, preventing your topper from sliding off. Your mattress topper might be challenging to control if you do not have one. You can still have a minimalist bed frame for your bedroom, but ensure your topper stays put with a well-fitted headboard or footboard!

The Size Doesn’t Match the Mattress

When sizes are compatible, the result is a snug and comfortable fit. If your mattress topper is a fraction of an inch larger or smaller than your mattress, it will cause unwelcome sliding on the bed. 

If the topper is too large, there will be excess fabric that could cause it to slide. On the other hand, the surface will be uneven if the mattress topper is too small, increasing the likelihood that it will slide. 

This is an important thing to watch for when shopping for a new mattress or a mattress topper. 

Unstable Foundation

An unstable foundation may cause the topper to slide. Instability in the mattress and topper can be caused by weight – lightweight bed frames glide across the floor, and shaky foundations do the same.

Bed Frame

Using a tall frame that extends beyond the perimeter of your memory foam mattress and the mattress pad can help prevent shifting. 

Even though not all toppers will remain in place while you sleep, if you have a new bed frame tailored to fit your mattress closely, you will have a better chance of sleeping undisturbed. 

Headboard or footboard brackets can be enough to help with this because they can stop your mattress and mattress topper from sliding from side to side. 

Dusty Mattress

Enough dust between the topper and the mattress can make even the best mattress toppers slide around. The good news is that there is a simple answer to this issue! You need to make sure that your mattress is kept clean. 

Old Mattress

A bed that has been used for a long time gradually loses its firmness, which can result in slipping both for the mattress itself and for the mattress toppers. If your mattress topper keeps sliding, your old mattress might just be too old.

Two-Sided Mattress

Even though double-sided mattresses are convenient for your needs, they do not have sufficient grip to hold mattress toppers in place. Using a topper on a dual-firmness bed also contradicts the purpose of customized comfort. 

But there’s a solution for everything!

How to Keep a Mattress Topper From Sliding

Now that you know why your mattress keeps sliding off, it’s time to consider possible solutions. Most of these can also help you keep your mattress from sliding

Use a Tight Fitted Sheet

Keep your mattress topper from sliding with a tightly fitted sheet! Place the topper on your mattress, then stretch a tight fitted sheet over both and tuck underneath, ensuring it holds them together. This prevents unwanted sliding during the night. 

Remember, the key is a tightly fitted sheet. So add the height of the mattress topper to the height of the mattress when shopping to make sure you find the right fitted or flat sheet. You get bonus points if they’re cotton fitted sheets because they have more friction to prevent slipping.

Mattress Cover or Protector

Similar to a fitted sheet, you can use mattress covers or protectors to keep a mattress topper from sliding off. 

Wrap your mattress and topper with a mattress protector for a unified surface, minimizing sliding chances. Also, opt for a cotton layer or cotton-polyester blend cover for the needed friction. 

Sheet Straps

Say goodbye to sliding mattress toppers with the magic of sheet straps, also known as sheet suspenders! These stretchable bands tuck beneath your mattress, keeping everything together and holding your sliding mattress topper securely in place.

Attach sheet suspenders to the corners of the mattress topper, pull the sheet snugly, and voilà—a secure fit! There is no need to buy new fitted sheets that can fit your mattress and the mattress topper because sheet straps have your back! 

Tape (Velcro Tape, Duct Tape, or Carpet Tape)

Are you getting tired of your mattress topper sliding? Then it’s time to try using some tape! 

Three kinds of tape can help you here: velcro strips, duct tape, or carpet tape. 

When stitched or stuck along the mattress and topper edges, velcro strips keep them securely fastened. For velcro, use long pieces on the edges, the rough side on the topper, and the softer side on the mattress. 

Duct tape is the fix-it-all solution! Attach the double-sided tape to the mattress and topper corners for a strong bond. Duct tape is also a great alternative to spray adhesive, which can damage your mattress. 

And lastly, dual-sided carpet tape works wonders for a good mattress topper’s grip quality.

Non-Skid Mat

Like shower mats, non-skid mats stick between the mattress and topper, providing extra grip for your latex or memory foam mattress topper. 

You could also use a typical rubber mat! Textured rubber mats, like those under rugs, prevent topper sliding without altering mattress comfort. Lay it flat on your bed, plop the topper on top, and enjoy a secure setup. 

If the padding is too big, give the non-skid mat a little trim, and if it’s too small, you can use two mats side by side. 

Cotton Layer

Here’s a straightforward solution – say goodbye to slipping mattress toppers with a simple cotton fix! 

Many mattress toppers lack friction. For example, a memory foam mattress often lacks friction, leading to sliding.

So it’s time to swap that smooth, silky, and luxurious cover for a cotton mattress cover. Its natural texture offers enhanced grip and reduces slipping, keeping your mattress topper from sliding. You can even use two cotton fitted sheets – one on the mattress and one over the topper to make your mattress topper stay in place.

Safety Pins

Safety pins to the rescue! Fastening the mattress and topper is a breeze; use large safety pins. Place at least five on each side, distributing the weight evenly. 

To prevent accidents, ensure each safety pin is put face down. Also, keep in mind that curved pins make piercing thick materials easier. Say hello to a cost-effective DIY solution that keeps your pad firmly in place!

Clean Your Mattress Topper Regularly

Keep your mattress topper from sliding with regular mattress cleaning! Debris and crumbs may accumulate beneath the topper, causing it to slide. A quick vacuum with a hoover attachment removes crumbs while washing mattresses and topper covers and keeps them clean.

Get a Non-Slip Mattress Topper

There’s no need to get a whole new mattress. If all else fails, you should invest in a non-slip mattress topper or mattress pad. These mattress toppers can have a thin layer of material like rubber that keeps them in place, but you can also find models with built-in straps or similar solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Safety Pins Shred Your Mattress?

Fear not! When used carefully and evenly spaced along the edges and sides of your mattress or topper, bigger safety pins won’t harm your bed. For larger beds, just add more pins to distribute the weight evenly.

Do You Put a Fitted Sheet Over a Mattress Topper?

You should use a fitted sheet over your mattress topper. Treat the topper as an extension of your mattress, so both the mattress and the topper go beneath the fitted sheet and the rest of your bedding. If your topper adds depth, opt for a deep sheet that includes its size. 

Why Does My Mattress Topper Slide?

Your mattress topper might slip off due to a lack of proper grip. If there needs to be more friction between the mattress and the mattress topper, if you move around on the bed too much, or if your bed frame needs to be built to keep the mattress topper in place.

Final Thoughts

Now you know how to keep a mattress topper from sliding! Remember, those trusty sheet straps work wonders, and don’t forget the DIY magic of non-skid mats. And feel free to mix and match until you find the perfect solution for your bed! 

Good luck!

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