The Ultimate Guide to Mattress Sizes and Dimensions

Written by: Andjela Kastratovic
Updated: 05/17/2022

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Buying the correct mattress takes time and effort and might seem complex initially! However, there are just a couple of things you thoroughly need to consider before committing – things like your budget, personal needs, and the size of the mattress itself. 

But how can you know which size will be the particular best for you? When picking how big you want your future mattress to be, are there some guidelines you should follow to make the best out of it? Are there any tricks or general information about mattresses you should know about beforehand?

Lucky for you, we’re here to give you insight into everything you need to know about different mattress sizes and what type of sleeper they could suit best. Find out everything you need to know about mattress sizes with the help of our bed dimensions guide.

Standard Mattress Sizes

Mattress sizes can vary in many ways, and there’s a significant number of different types. However, to keep matters simple, both standard and non-standard sizes exist. Each available size has its advantages and disadvantages, mainly depending on what you’re looking for. 

Because standard sizes are more common in manufacturing and simpler to get a hold of, we prepared a short guide to help you out. Let’s look at some basic info about standard mattress sizes, their dimensions, which type of sleeper they could be best for, and each of their pros and cons.


Even though it’s the smallest standard mattress size, with the dimensions of 38″ x 74″, a Twin-size mattress is perfectly suitable and ample for those who sleep alone. There are sizes smaller than this one, the most prominent ones being a single mattress or a crib mattress, although they’re non-standard and usually used by children. 

Twin mattresses are commonly manufactured out of high-quality material but are more affordable because of their modest bed dimensions. In addition to that, because this mattress size is standard and very popular, plenty of bed frames, bedding, bedroom furniture, and other accessories are available everywhere. 

A Twin mattress is an excellent choice for a single sleeper, although it’s preferred for them to be under 6′ tall. Even though the mattress is slim, it has just the right amount of space. That being said, sharing a Twin mattress with someone, whether they’re a grown person, a child, or even a bigger pet, isn’t recommended because it will unquestionably be too cramped. 

A Twin bed is best for single adults, teens, and children, and it’s also a good choice for those with a smaller room size or those who have to share a room with other people because it doesn’t take up a lot of space. 


38” x 74”

Who It’ll Suit Best

Single sleepers; adults under 6′ tall; teens; children; people who live in small rooms or share rooms; those who sleep in bunk beds.

Pros and Cons


  • Good for small rooms 
  • Affordable


  • For single sleepers only
  • Not for those taller than 6’

Twin XL

Our next mattress is slightly longer than the Twin bed – a Twin XL mattress has bed dimensions of 38″ x 80″, making it a much more suitable option for taller people who need ample legroom. The length added to the standard Twin bed also makes it possible to stretch out a bit, but it still manages to be small enough not to take up too much space in a room. 

When it comes to bed frames and additional accessories, you should remember that most of them aren’t mainly created for a Twin XL mattress size but rather for a regular Twin, so make sure to always check the dimensions before making a purchase.

Interestingly enough, regarding bed frames, you can use two Twin XL mattresses on a King bed frame to create a double bed. Making these double beds is typical for sleeping partners with different mattress preferences. This is especially true for two Twin XL beds and a King bed because these two are standard sizes, which isn’t the case for double beds for measures like California King mattresses, as you’ll see later on in the article.  

Once again, even though it’s longer, the width is still the same, so a Twin XL mattress is best suited for single sleepers and not those who sleep with partners, just like Twin beds. However, this option is more suitable for adults, taller children, or those taller than 6′ in general. 

In addition to that, it’s a good choice for those who live in smaller rooms, as the bed size doesn’t take up that much space. This specifically makes it one of the most sought-after mattress sizes for college dorm rooms


38” x 80”

Who It’ll Suit Best

Single sleepers; adults; teens; and children taller than 6′; people that live in small rooms, share a room, or live in a dorm. 

Pros and Cons


  • Good for taller people
  • Good for dorm rooms


  • Not a standard bedding size
  • Not for couples


This Full mattress, with 54″ x 75″, is also known as the Standard double mattress. With the size just between Twin size mattresses and Queen size mattresses, a Full-size mattress is an excellent option for those who need just a bit more space, but not too much. 

Even though two people could sleep on a Full mattress, it’s still better suited for single sleepers. However, even though single sleepers will get the full 54″ width of space to themselves, those over 6′ tall will have only three inches left of length when they completely stretch out. 

For those who sleep with a partner, a Full-size mattress might be a bit cramped considering each person should get 27″ of space, which is less than what you would get with two Twin beds pushed together. The same goes for those with children or pets. That being said, it’s still the most affordable option if you require slightly bigger mattress size dimensions

Regarding space, it’s a good choice for those who live in smaller rooms but want a giant bed, and it’s also the best mattress size to go for when getting a bed for a guest room.  


54” x 75”

Who It’ll Suit Best

Single adults under 6′ tall; teenagers; people who live in small rooms or guest rooms. 

Pros and Cons


  • A lot more space for single sleepers
  • Affordable


  • Okay for couples, but cramped
  • Not for taller people


With bed dimensions of 60″ x 80″, Queen size mattresses are one of the most purchased mattress sizes. This is mainly because it’s the most affordable mattress for couples, unlike a King size mattress or a California King bed, which are roomier but also more expensive. However, a Queen bed is also a popular choice for combination sleepers who like to have a lot of space (who doesn’t?). 

In addition to that, because it’s so in demand, there are a lot of available accessories and bedding styles for a Queen size mattress, just like with Twin mattresses. 

Queen mattresses are the most versatile mattress size on the market because they can be used by more people while still taking up less space. It’s suitable for people who sleep alone, especially those taller than 6′ because it gives you enough space to stretch out. When it comes to couples or those who sleep with their children or pets, a Queen size mattress provides both sleepers adequate sleeping space, but still, less than a Twin size mattress would give to either of them individually. 

When purchasing a mattress of this size, the most crucial aspect is whether it can fit into your room. It’s recommended that a room be at least 10′ x 10′ for this mattress size to fit comfortably without the space being too crowded. 


60” x 80”

Who It’ll Suit Best

Single adults, especially those over 6′ tall; couples; those who sleep with their pets or children; those who have bigger rooms.

Pros and Cons


  • Affordable and versatile
  • An extensive array of accessories is available on the market


  • Still a bit cramped for couples 
  • It needs to be put in a bigger room


A King size bed, with the dimensions of 76″ x 80″, gives more sleeping space both for single sleepers and couples, although it’s less affordable than a Queen size mattress. King size mattresses are also the biggest mattress size by US standard manufacturing. 

The King bed is the same as two Twin XL mattresses put together. This is called a Split King or a double bed, and it’s a common choice for couples with different mattress preferences. For example, one person could have a memory foam mattress, while another could want a hybrid bed. Either way, creating King mattresses this way will give them ample bed size while satisfying their preferences. 

Opting for Twin XL mattresses can also help those couples that want to try out an adjustable or standard King size bed frame. 

With its big bed size, a standard King-sized bed is an excellent option for single sleepers, even those taller than 6′, couples, and those who sleep with their children or pets. When it comes to couples, each one will get enough space as with a Twin mattress of their own (38″), unlike with a Queen size bed, where they would get less than that.

However, if you want to get this bulky mattress for yourself, you have to consider the bedroom size. For a mattress this big, it’s recommended to have a room of at least 12′ x 12′, so that it can fit comfortably. It would do best in a master bedroom. In addition to that, you should keep in mind that a mattress of this size can be hard to maneuver. 


76” x 80”

Who It’ll Suit Best

Single sleepers who like to have a lot of sleeping space; even those over 6′ tall; couples; couples sleeping with a child or pets; those who have larger rooms. 

Pros and Cons


  • It can be split into Twin XL mattresses 
  • A lot of space


  • Requires a larger room to be put in
  • Hard to maneuver

California King

As the most prominent standard mattress size on this list, a California King bed dimensions are 72″ x 84″. Even though it’s a little less wide than a King size mattress, it has four more inches added to the length. Still, they’re a same-size mattress if we look at the area they cover. This makes it an excellent choice for taller sleepers and makes it easier for them to fit into places, but it’s still recommended that the room be at least 12′ x 12′. 

Even though it’s not as wide, a California King still gives you enough space to sleep properly, especially for those who move a lot in their sleep or sleep with their pets or children. Even though it’s subtracted from the width, the added length helps out, notably for taller people. If you’re sleeping with someone with contrasting mattress preferences, you can also create Split California King mattresses, but they would be made from two non-standard mattress dimensions.

That being said, California king beds are a mattress size that is the least affordable option out of all the ones listed here, even though they cover the same area as a King size mattress. It’s also hard to move around, but it does look great in a master bedroom. Additionally, a King is a more popular mattress size for accessories and bedding.


72” x 84”

Who It’ll Suit Best

Single sleepers and couples; especially tall ones; people who sleep with their pets or their children; people who have larger rooms. 

Pros and Cons


  • A lot of added length makes it perfect for taller people
  • They take up less width than a King mattress


  • Hard to maneuver
  • Not affordable 
  • Fewer accessories and bedding

Non-standard Mattress Sizes

Every so often, getting a non-standard mattress size is needed for whatever personal reasons you might have. For example, maybe you need to get a bed for a baby or a toddler, and the proper choice for them certainly isn’t a large Twin mattress. Or perhaps you want a bed so spacious that it will take up your entire room.

Whether you need a bed for your baby or a toddler or want as much space as possible, there are more non-standard mattress sizes out there, and maybe you could even get a completely custom one. Don’t worry. You don’t have to buy a Twin XL bed or a standard King size mattress if they don’t fit your requirements. 

Before looking at the table we prepared for you, consider that most non-standard mattress sizes have the same issues. It generally boils down to two main ones. First, it’s usually hard to find proper bed frames, bedding, and other accessories for non-standard mattress sizes, so make sure to consider that before committing. 

Additionally, and this is especially true for some of the giant mattresses on this list, you might need substantial space available to put them in. 

The mattress size chart we made here starts with the most diminutive mattress dimensions, gradually getting more significant. The smallest one is the Crib size mattress used for babies, while the biggest is the Alaskan King, a significantly more spacious bed than the ones we have covered so far. 

Crib mattress27.25”51”
Small single size mattress30”75”
Full XL mattress54”80”
Short queen mattress60”75”
Olympic Queen mattress66”80”
California Queen mattress60”84”
Split Queen mattress30”80”
Eastern King mattress76”80”
Wyoming King mattress84”84”
Texas King mattress80”98”
Split King mattress38”80”
Split California King mattress36”84”
Alaska King mattress108”108”

How to Choose the Right Mattress Size  

Now you know everything you should about standard and non-standard mattress sizes and dimensions. Next, it’s time to learn how to choose the right mattress size for you (or someone else). 

As with any more significant purchase, there are many aspects before purchasing a mattress in general, especially when deciding the size. Heads up, many of these things are about your personal preferences, but it’s, in fact, very simple. 

Here’s everything you need to know about picking the right mattress size

Who Will Sleep on It?

The first question you need to ask when determining the size of your future mattress is: who will sleep on it? Will this mattress be for a single sleeper, a couple, or even a couple with children or pets?

Each sleeper should have ample space to sleep comfortably, no matter the number. This is extremely important for the quality of your sleep, which affects your life in general. 

The good news for those who sleep alone is that they can freely go for any standard mattress size they want because their choice will mostly depend on personal preferences and room size

On the other hand, couples shouldn’t sleep in the smaller standard sizes we listed here, and the best choices for them would be going for Queen, King, and California King size mattresses. 

In addition to that, the best options for children that sleep alone are a Twin, Twin XL, or Full bed, the same as for adults shorter than 6′. 

Also, deciding on the correct mattress dimensions depends on how you like to sleep. For example, if someone is an active sleeper who moves a lot in their sleep or wants to stretch out entirely, they should go for one of the more spacious options. 

Sleeping Position

Different sleeping positions require different mattress sizes. If you like to fully stretch out on the mattress when sleeping, go for one of the more extended mattress options, especially if you’re over 6′ tall. 

While those who like to sleep in a fetus position or aren’t active in their sleep can go for a mattress size like a Twin or Full-size mattress, those who take up more space when sleeping should go for one of the longer options to ensure as much comfort as possible. 

There are also better options for those who sleep in just one particular position. For example, if you sleep on your back or stomach and are tall, you should undoubtedly go for mattresses with added length, like a Twin XL, Queen, King, or even California King

Bedroom Size

Logically, if you want to get a big mattress, you need to have an adequate amount of space to put it in. Your bedroom shouldn’t be cramped just because you wanted to get that Alaskan King mattress

While the smaller sizes can fit into almost any room you put them in, bigger sizes have some usual recommendations for the bedroom areas. For example, it’s recommended that if you want to put a Queen size mattress in a room, it should be at least 10′ x 10′. Additionally, a King sized mattress needs the space of at least 12′ x 12′, just like a California King. 

A simple rule is to leave 24″ of space on three sides of your bed to have enough area free around it to ensure your room isn’t cramped and can fit other furniture. 

It would be best to consider that more oversized mattresses are harder to maneuver around. You may have a hard time taking the California King mattress to a room on the second floor. 

Your Height and Body Type

As we mentioned before, those shorter than 6′ tall can sleep on any mattress, but those over 6′ will do best with longer ones like a Twin XL, Queen, King, and California King for those who like to stretch out. This is also connected to your sleeping position, which we mentioned earlier. 

Your body type can also impact this decision, as those with larger frames will sleep more comfortably if they’re provided with enough adequate sleeping space. If a single sleeper prefers to have more sleeping space, they should go for a Queen, King, or California King mattress


It’s essential to consider some things that will develop in the future when purchasing a mattress. You should throw out your mattress and get a new one about every ten years, and many things can happen in that time. 

If you’re buying a bed for a child or a teen, consider that they will gradually grow and require more space, so you should get a mattress a size bigger to accommodate for the change. That could be a Twin or a Full bed.

In addition to that, if you’re purchasing a mattress for a person that sleeps alone, you should get a bigger size just in case. For example, getting a Queen bed as a single sleeper can accommodate any potential partners or pets. 


Sometimes, the size of the mattress you go for can turn out to be less than perfect for you, and you might want to exchange it for a different one. What can you do in this case?

First off, whenever you buy a mattress, especially if you’re doing it online, you should check the company’s warranty options. Warranties are essential for both you and the company, and they’re a good sign of a serious and valuable relationship with customers. 

Most companies will sell you a mattress that comes with warranties that grant you a risk-free trial period. This means that if you aren’t satisfied with the size of your mattress, whether you need a bigger or a smaller one, you can exchange it for a new one or send it back and get a refund

Your Budget 

Purchasing a mattress also depends on your budget because it’s usually a more significant purchase. Logically the more considerable the mattress, the more it costs. But also, mattresses, in general, can come both as budget mattresses and luxury ones

For example, a couple who want a more affordable mattress would usually go for a Queen-sized one. Also, watch out for accessories and how many options there are. 

All in all, there are plenty of affordable options when it comes to mattresses, and while you shouldn’t spend too much on one of them, you should also consider the quality of your sleep when picking the right one. 

Final Thoughts

That would be everything you should know about different mattress sizes and who they would be best suited for. Hopefully, now it’s easier for you to visualize what you need. 

When choosing the right mattress size, remember to consider who will sleep on it, how they sleep, how big your bedroom is, and other essential data. 

Good luck with finding the right mattress!

NameDimensionsWho it’ll suit best
Twin38” x 74”Single sleepers, adults under 6’ tall, teens, children, those who live in small rooms or share rooms, sleep in bunk beds.
Twin XL38” x 80”Single sleepers, adults, teens, and children taller than 6’, live in small rooms, share a room or live in a dorm.
Full54” x 75”Single adults under 6’ tall, teenagers, those who live in small rooms or guest rooms.
Queen60” x 80”Single adults, especially those over 6’ tall, couples, those who sleep with their pets or children, those with bigger rooms.
King76” x 80”Single sleepers who like a lot of space, even those over 6’ tall, couples, couples sleeping with a child or pets, those with larger rooms.
California King72” x 84”Single sleepers and couples, especially tall ones, those who sleep with their pates or their children, those with larger rooms.

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