How To Fix a Sagging Mattress

Written by: Andjela Kastratovic
Updated: 02/01/2023

Sagging happens to all mattresses; some just have it worse than others. Still, it will impact your sleep quality, so are there any ways to get rid of it? 

Welcome to our mattress sagging guide, where we’ll teach you how to fix a sagging mattress and even prevent premature mattress sagging. Let’s get into it! 

Why Does a Mattress Sag

It can happen for many different reasons, but the majority of mattresses sag because of normal wear and tear due to mattress age. 

No matter how durable it is, a sagging mattress is inevitable.

Sagging occurs when you press down on the same spot on a mattress over and over. How fast a mattress sags can even depend on your sleeping position.

But besides that, mattresses can start to sag due to structural issues, liquid in the mattress, and even direct sunlight. 

The sagging of the mattress depends on what it’s made of.

Innerspring Mattresses

The support core of innerspring mattresses is made from metal coils, and they can be very durable. However, those coils weaken over time from the pressure, causing premature sagging. You might need a box spring to support this mattress type.

Foam Mattresses

Foam is slightly different. When you push your weight against it too much, the top layers will start to soften and sag. The lower the quality of the foam, the faster this will happen, and you’ll get a body impression on your old mattress. 

When it comes to memory foam mattress sagging, it happens more often than with latex.

Hybrid Mattresses

Lastly, the coils in a hybrid mattress can wear out over time, and the way the comfort layer sags will depend a lot on how well-made and long-lasting the foam is. But overall, a hybrid mattress lasts a long time.

Why Is Mattress Sagging Bad?

The crucial aspect of a mattress is its support, which keeps your spine aligned.

The problem is that sagging leads to bad support, which leads to bad sleep quality. Bad support can also cause weak immunity, memory problems, weight gain, and a lot of other issues

If your mattress is sagging too much, it’s time to get a new one. 

Signs of a Sagging Mattress

Do you think your mattress is sagging? Here are some signs you should keep an eye out for. 

You Sink Into the Mattress Too Much

This one is pretty obvious, but if you sink onto the mattress too much, it’s sagging. 

Additionally, a sagging mattress can make you feel like your weight isn’t evenly supported on the mattress, and some parts feel like they’re falling through. 

Waking Up Tired

Because it impacts your sleep, a sunken bed also means that you’ll wake up tired and sleep poorly overall. If you can’t sleep because you’re tossing and turning to try to find the right position to avoid the sagging parts, it’ll feel like you haven’t slept at all!

Painful Back, Neck or Hips

Bad support doesn’t just equal bad sleep, but it also leads to painful joints. The first place where you’ll notice your mattress sagging is likely your hips and lower back, and they’ll start hurting first. 

If these pains continue and there’s no other source for them, your mattress is probably the culprit. 

How To Fix a Sagging Mattress

Now that you know what’s causing your mattress to sag and how to notice it, it’s time to learn how to fix a sagging mattress. 

Here’s what can help you fix a sagging mattress. 

Well, “fix” is a strong word. Nothing can actually make your mattress feel as good as new, but there are ways to improve its support until you completely get rid of it. Let’s go! 

Flip the Mattress

When the top layers of your mattress start to show signs of sagging on one side, you can always flip them. However, not every modern mattress is flippable.  

Flipping your sagging mattress can create an even sleeping surface where the sagging used to be, but this only works for foam mattresses. 

Rotate the Bed

Most modern mattresses aren’t flippable, but don’t worry! You can still change the way you put pressure on it. Try rotating your mattress so that you sleep with your head where the feet used to be. This puts different pressure on a mattress, but can also cause the sagging areas to even out more. 

Although, check with your mattress manufacturer first, because some mattresses shouldn’t be rotated. 

Use a Mattress Topper

Mattress toppers work to soften the mattress, relieve pressure, and provide contouring. But a thick mattress topper can also be used for sagging mattresses. 

This is another short-term solution, but thicker toppers can create a more even sleeping surface.

Use Extra Pillows

If you want to fix mattress indentation, you can also use extra pillows and even blankets. Just put the pillow underneath the mattress, and it will even out the bumps. You can also use them between your body and the mattress, whatever suits your needs. 

Get a New Foundation

Did you know that your existing bed might be sagging because it isn’t getting proper support? See if your bed’s foundation is in good condition; it might be the one causing the sagging! For example, wooden bed frames tend to deteriorate faster.

Check what mattress support is best for your mattress type. You might need a box spring, a platform bed, or an even less rigid support.

Use a Piece of Plywood

And if you can’t get a whole new bed frame, a piece of plywood might provide extra support. 

Let’s say your slatted bed frame isn’t giving support for your soft memory foam mattress because it needs a solid base. Use a piece of plywood between the mattress and the base itself, and this will even out the pressure and help with mattress sagging. 

Check Your Warranty

Lastly, check your mattress warranty and see what it says about premature sagging. Most companies will cover this as a part of their warranty, but you should also know that a whole warranty can be voided if you haven’t been using the right bed frame. 

How To Fix a Sagging Memory Foam Mattress

Sagging most often occurs in memory foam mattresses, so you should know how to fix it.

The best way to fix sagging in a memory foam mattress is to flip it, but this will only work if it’s a flippable mattress to begin with. 

The problem with memory foam is that it isn’t very durable unless it’s high-quality, so it’s prone to sagging. If it isn’t flippable, you can try rotating it or using a memory foam mattress topper. 

You could also use these tips on a latex mattress, but they’re less prone to sagging.

How To Fix a Sagging Pillow Top Mattress

Pillowtop mattresses also tend to sag a lot. The problem is that sagging in pillowtop mattresses can show in both the mattress pad and the coil support system. 

Pillowtop mattresses usually aren’t flippable, so you can try fixing the sagging of the top layers by rotating them or adding a mattress topper. 

And if the support is the issue, you can use plywood or a thick wooden board between the mattress and the base to give it more support. Check if the base needs fixing, or if you should get a totally new one. 

The same tricks can be used for a saggy innerspring mattress, although it’s more likely to be flippable.

How To Prevent a Sagging Mattress

Your mattress will definitely sag over time, but there are ways to prevent premature sagging. 

Watch Out for Signs of Sagging

Keep an eye out for any of the sagging signs we mentioned earlier, and act quickly if you spot them! Whether it’s the mattress itself or the bad support, you can try fixing it as long as it’s not too late. 

Switch Up Where You Sleep

If you can change the exact sleeping position you sleep in from time to time, do it. Not every mattress is big enough for this, but changing your sleeping place often can defer sagging. 

Get a Good Base for Your Mattress

Last but not least, your mattress most likely needs good support. This is something that depends on the mattress material and manufacturer, so do your research first so you don’t end up with a saggy mattress and a voided warranty. 

Signs You Need a New Mattress

Sometimes you can’t fix the existing mattress, and you’ll need to dispose of it. Here are some of the signs. 

  • There’s a permanent mattress indentation that the mattress sinks too much from your body weight.
  • It’s the end of your mattress’s lifespan
  • Other signs of wear and tear, including coils poking out of the mattress. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Mattress Type Is Least Likely To Sag?

If you don’t want a sagging mattress, your new mattress should be latex or a high-quality innerspring. But make sure you’re using the right mattress foundation, like a box spring! 

In the case of a sagging synthetic latex mattress, use the same tips that work for memory foam mattresses. Natural latex is one of the denser materials, and it has good shape retention.

How Do You Fix a Dip in the Middle of a Mattress?

Unless it gets too bad, the best way to fix a dip in the middle of a mattress is with mattress toppers. 

Not every mattress is flippable; rotating might not help; and extra pillows aren’t very comfortable. 

Can I Make My Mattress Firmer?

You can’t actually make your mattress firm again, but some things can help. Try flipping it (if it’s flippable), adding a mattress topper, or placing a piece of plywood between the mattress and the base. 

Final Thoughts 

If you’re wondering how to fix a sagging mattress, know that there’s no way to do it completely, but there are plenty of ways to improve it and prevent sagging. We hope that one of them will help you. 

Or is it time to invest in a new mattress? Good luck and get a good night’s sleep!

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