Where is the Best Place to Buy a Mattress?

Written by: Andjela Kastratovic
Updated: 06/09/2023

It’s time to get rid of your old mattress and get a new one. But it’s been a while since the last time you bought a mattress, so you have to ask, – where is the best place to buy a mattress? 

Is it online, or is shopping in-store just better? Or is there a hybrid solution? 

Let’s answer your questions! 

Online Mattress Shopping

First, let’s start with online mattress shopping. According to data, 54% of people buy mattresses online rather than in-store. Are you one of them? 

Here’s what you need to know if you want to find the best online mattress.

Mattress Manufacturer

If you want to buy a mattress, shopping directly from online mattress companies is the absolute best way to do so. Why? It’s good for your wallet! Online companies sell mattresses at lower prices because there’s no middleman involved.

However, you won’t get to test the mattress beforehand. No worries, though! Many online mattress companies offer significant trial periods if you live far from their showrooms. 

There are plenty of mattress types to choose from! Are you looking for a soft memory foam mattress or a supportive hybrid mattress with individually wrapped coils? Or would you like to buy a mattress in a box? The options are endless. 

And when it comes to trial periods, online mattress companies let you use a mattress for 100 nights or even more! And if it’s not up to your standards, you can return it with a 100% money back guarantee. 

Also, it’s more convenient! You’ll likely get free shipping and the possibility of white glove delivery. If you need customer support, they’re usually one click, email, or phone call away, and they’ll answer all your questions. 


  • The information is more accessible; it’s easier to browse and compare prices from the comfort of your home 
  • Online prices are more affordable
  • Significant sales periods during big holidays (like Black Friday and President’s Day)
  • You get a mattress shipped to your address, and the shipping is usually free


  • You don’t get to try a mattress before you buy it, but at least you get a sleep trial 
  • You have to do your research when finding a mattress 


You can also go to marketplaces like Amazon to find your new mattress! 

Shopping here is more accessible and offers more options from the mattress industry in one place. Due to their high order volume, they provide fast shipping and excellent service.

It’s good to know that some companies offer extended warranties or long trial periods exclusively on their websites. Consider buying directly from the online company if these benefits matter to you.

Also, research before making a decision! Amazon reviews are helpful but only sometimes reliable. To better understand a product’s performance, we recommend reading reviews on other reputable websites. 


  • Lower pieces than buzzing in store
  • Ships to your doorstep 
  • A wider range of products 


  • Shorter warranty and sleep trials than if you bought directly from the manufacturer
  • You don’t get to try a mattress before you buy it 
  • The reviews aren’t always reliable 

In-Store Mattress Shopping

But what about in-store mattress shopping? What if you want to visit a brick-and-mortar store, talk to a salesperson directly, and get to feel the mattress before buying it? 

Here’s what you should know about shopping for a mattress in-store. 

Mattress Stores

Let’s talk about traditional mattress stores! Most mattress specialty stores have been around for a long time, making it easy for people to find their perfect mattress.

A mattress store is hands-on. You can stroll through the store, trying different mattresses to your heart’s content. Whether it’s memory foam mattresses with great pressure relief or latex mattresses perfect for stomach sleepers, you’ll find them here!

You’ll also have a helpful salesperson to guide you through mattress selection. Would you prefer that, or does shopping online, where everything is in one place, sound better? 

Here’s a heads up: mattresses sold in a mattress store might put a bigger dent in your wallet than buying online would. That’s because mattress stores have higher costs of operation, leading to higher prices. 

But don’t worry; mattress stores also tend to have some excellent sales periods! Keep an eye out for those because you can get a good deal for your buck and a high-quality mattress for a much lower price. 


  • You get to feel the mattress immediately
  • A professional salesperson is right there with you 
  • There are frequently more brands to choose from. 


  • Often costs more than shopping online due to the higher costs of maintenance
  • A smaller selection of mattress types from different brands 
  • A salesperson might not have that extensive knowledge, or they’ll try to sell you a mattress to get a commission

Furniture Stores

And you can also check out general furniture stores – they’re another great option to explore! 

While their mattress selection may not be as extensive as that of specialty mattress stores, the advantage is that you’ll likely find more general furniture stores in your area, making it easier to access.

Also, besides some famous brands, many furniture stores carry their own brand of mattresses, so you should keep that in mind when visiting your local one. 

Now, here’s the thing: the salespeople at general furniture stores may have a different level of mattress expertise than those in dedicated mattress stores. The good news is that many furniture stores also operate online, so you can find more information there. 

The sales cycle at furniture stores might also be less frequent, meaning you won’t see mattress sales happening as often.

But here’s the exciting part: furniture stores allow you to multitask! While mattress shopping, you can also explore bed frames and other furniture. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone! 


  • General furniture stores are more common
  • You can use the time there to buy other furniture for your bedroom 


  • Not every furniture store carries mattresses 
  • The salesperson might not know a lot about mattresses
  • There might not be many mattresses to choose from

Department Stores

Now let’s talk about department stores! 

Famous names like Sears, JCPenney, and Macy’s are in this category. Department stores offer a lot of things – from clothes to kitchenware – and some of them might even carry mattresses. However, that is only partially guaranteed. 

If you need clarification on whether your local department store has mattresses, call them to ask beforehand. If they do, the advantage is that you can conveniently shop for multiple household needs in one place—a real-time-saver! Still, the mattress section in most department stores might not be that big. 

Another con is that the sales staff might know less about mattresses than in a mattress store. A department store can be an excellent place to shop for a bed if you know what you want. 


  • Department stores are common, so you probably have a department store near you
  • You can buy other household items there, not just mattresses


  • They might not carry mattresses at all; you have to check
  • They’re likely to have a smaller selection
  • Salespeople might not know much about mattresses
  • They probably won’t have big mattress sales 


Online mattress brands operate on more than just the Internet – sometimes they use showrooms, so you don’t have to necessarily shop online! Because they’re expensive to maintain, physical showrooms are rare. 

This is also why they’re not a place everyone can quickly get to and shop in. Showrooms are usually reserved for big cities and very populated areas. 

However, a few scattered around the country offer a unique opportunity to try out popular models in person. It’s like getting a sneak peek before making your purchase!

When you visit a showroom, you usually get to see a variety of mattresses, giving you options to explore. 

But know this – showroom prices might be higher than online purchases. It’s like paying a little extra for the convenience of seeing and trying out the mattresses in person.


  • You can feel the mattress before you buy it
  • Salespeople are there to provide advice 


  • Usually only in big cities or well-populated areas
  • Higher prices than buying online 

Hybrid Stores

And say hello to hybrid stores! These specialty mattress stores have both brick-and-mortar locations and an online presence if you want to visit a store or if you want to shop online instead. 

But keep in mind that the prices are higher than online options because owners have expenses to cover, such as renting or buying the store space, maintaining it, and paying the employees. 

In a hybrid store, you get to try out a mattress before committing and purchasing it. It’s like test-driving a car to make sure it’s a perfect fit for you. 

And guess what? The sales teams at these specialty stores are total pros. They can guide you through the different options, answer your questions, and make sure you find the mattress of your dreams.


  • You can feel the mattress before you buy it
  • Salespeople are on hand to help
  • There are often multiple mattress brands to choose from  


  • Higher prices than buying online 
  • You have to commute if you want to buy in-store 

Why Should I Buy a Mattress Online?

Shopping online has many pros and cons; you need to figure out whether it suits you or not. 

But before you make that commitment and look for a new mattress, here are some reasons you might prefer online mattress shopping. 

  • Lower prices – online shopping is usually good for your wallet because the operating costs are lower. 
  • More accessible information – you can find and compare information and prices with just a few clicks. 
  • Shipping – do you want a mattress delivered straight to your doorstep? 
  • Shop from the comfort of your home – this is an excellent choice for those who want to avoid commuting to and from various mattress stores. 

And remember – choose whatever’s most comfortable for you! 

Why Should I Buy a Mattress in a Store?

There are a couple of reasons why you might prefer buying a mattress in-store rather than online.

  • Try a mattress before you buy it – going to brick-and-mortar stores lets you feel the bed before committing to it. 
  • Price isn’t the issue – buying a mattress in-store can get a little more expensive, but it’s all good as long as it suits you. 
  • You like talking directly to salespeople – if you want to have some human interaction while shopping for your mattress, go for in-store shopping.  

It’s all about your personal preferences! So remember to choose whatever makes you feel more comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Place to Buy a Budget Mattress?

You can check out several spots if you’re looking for a budget-friendly mattress. 

Online retailers usually offer a wide range of mattresses at reasonable prices and have pretty good discounts. Discount stores are another excellent place to find a bed, especially during sales and clearance events. 

And remember, your local mattress store might have some budget-friendly options you won’t find online. 

Just remember that price isn’t what matters most! If you buy a cheap, low-quality one, you’ll have to buy a new mattress in just a few years. Consider your preferences and the quality of the materials first. 

When Is the Best Time of the Year to Buy a Mattress?

You can find great deals on mattresses throughout the year, but it’s always best to aim for the holidays. Memorial Day, Labor Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday are some dates for a good discount. 

Want to know more? Check out our guide on the best time to buy a mattress

Is It Better to Shop Online or in Store?

It depends on your personal preferences and circumstances. Finding a mattress online is more convenient; you have all the information and reviews, and they’re often more affordable. 

But if you buy a mattress in-store, you can try it immediately to see whether you like it. So, what are you more comfortable with? 

What Is the Average Price to Pay For a Mattress?

Mattress prices fall into a pretty wide range, so there’s no need to worry about your wallet.

You can expect to spend a few hundred dollars up to a couple thousand. The price depends on factors like mattress size, materials, brands, and additional features.

You can find more affordable options starting around $500, while mid-range mattresses can go up to $2,000. And if you want a luxury mattress with top-notch features, prices can go beyond that.

Keep in mind that prices can vary depending on the seller, so make sure to compare to find the best mattress deal!

Final Thoughts

The best place to buy a mattress is wherever it works for you. 

With online shopping, you can finish everything from the comfort of your home, you’ll spend less money, and you’ll get the mattress delivered directly to your doorstep – for free! 

On the other hand, shopping in-store means that you can test that mattress before you buy it. That isn’t really a problem either, since most online companies also offer a sleep trial and a 100% money-back guarantee. 

Which one sounds better? 

Good luck, and we wish you a good night’s sleep! 

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