Ultimate Guide: How to Make Your Bed More Comfortable

Written by: Andjela Kastratovic
Updated: 07/25/2023

Are you tired of restless nights and groggy mornings? Tossing and turning, we have all been there. 

All because you don’t have a comfy bed. But how can you fix that? Do you need to change your bed sheets or the whole mattress? 

We’ve got you covered. Let’s get into it. 

12 Ways to Make Your Bed More Comfortable

Here’s how to make your mattress more comfortable. Where should we start? 

Buy a Mattress Topper

A good mattress topper can completely change your mattress. 

If you have a soft or firm mattress that doesn’t suit you, a mattress topper can help. A mattress topper can also help relieve pressure and improve motion isolation. 

Remember that mattress toppers can’t fix the support – if it’s not a supportive mattress and it’s old and sagging, it’s best to get a new one. 

Or Try a Mattress Pad

Another similar solution is a mattress pad. Mattress pads add a layer of padding on top of the mattress, which helps create a cozy bed. 

Mattress pads are thinner than mattress toppers, so they add less comfort. 

However, they might be just what you need for more comfortable sleep. 

Flip or Rotate Your Mattress

If you have an uncomfortable mattress, it might need to be flipped or rotated. 

Flipping or rotating a mattress will also make it last longer because it helps redistribute the pressure on the materials. 

Not all mattresses can be rotated or flipped. Check the mattress instructions so you don’t void the warranty. 

Get a New Bed Frame

Ready to take your comfort to the next level? Pay attention to the impact of a quality bed frame! It plays a crucial role in comfort.

If your mattress is not comfortable, consider upgrading your bed frame. A platform bed frame offers the tension and support you need if your mattress is too soft. 

Try a bed frame with sprung slats or a divan bed base for extra bounce. It is more than the bed frame. It would help if you also had the proper support. 

Mattress Support Matters

You might need a better bed base if your mattress is uncomfortable or unsupportive. 

First, check your bed base. Do you have a box spring? Is it noisy? Are there any parts missing? Is the box spring you’re using even the best choice for the mattress type you have? 

For example, you should use a box spring with most innerspring mattresses for additional support, but a platform bed works best with memory foam mattresses. 

So check your bed base and ensure you’re using the right one. 

Use a Headboard

Here’s a tip you probably didn’t expect – did you know that a headboard can improve your sleep? 

When choosing your new bed frame, get a headboard that goes along with it. 

While it may not directly impact mattress comfort, a headboard can make your bed feel extra inviting.

Headboards keep sleepers warm and make a cozy bed. They hold pillows and provide a backrest for reading or relaxing. 

If your divan bed base lacks a headboard, why not add one? Whether you choose a ready-made upholstered headboard or a DIY wooden board, you will definitely get a better night’s sleep.

Warm Up Your Bedroom

Here’s something more specific – if you have a memory foam mattress that seems too firm, you can try softening it by making your room warm. 

Remember that a memory foam mattress responds to heat by softening and becoming more contouring. If your bedroom is cold, the bed may initially feel firm. 

Consider using a heated blanket or a comforting hot water bottle to warm the memory foam before you hop into bed at night. 

Or Cool Off!

Or are you a hot sleeper? Do you suffer from night sweats?

Just keeping your bedroom cool likely won’t do it if you sleep hot. You must also ensure you’re sleeping on breathable and cooling materials. 

Latex, hybrid, and innerspring mattresses are breathable. And gel-infused memory foam keeps you cool at night, unlike regular memory foam. 

And it’s not just about the mattress! Make sure to purchase pillows and bedding made from breathable materials that don’t trap heat, like cotton sheets and linen sheets, which will give you a lightweight feel.

Change Your Pillow

It is tempting to blame mattresses for poor sleep, but your pillow also affects your comfort and posture. Finding the right pillow is essential for neck and head support.

Personal preference matters here, as does the sleeping position. Back sleepers and stomach sleepers prefer thinner pillows, while side sleepers prefer thicker, more supportive ones that can relieve the pressure points in their necks.

Investing in a new, high-quality pillow that suits your body temperature and sleeping position can revolutionize your bed’s comfort. Make your new pillow even more comfortable by adding a silk pillowcase on top!

Also, decorative throw pillows on top can create a cozier atmosphere for your bedroom overall.

Try a Body Pillow

And why not try a body pillow for maximum comfort? 

Body pillows can improve spinal alignment for side sleepers. Side sleepers should use a thick pillow under their head and a thin one between their knees. A body pillow can help with this! 

Choose Your Bedding Carefully

It’s not just about the mattress and pillows; the proper sheets, duvets, and blankets can significantly enhance your sleep experience. And there are plenty of different materials to choose from!

Replace polyester sheets with 100% cotton with a high thread count to avoid itchiness and enjoy a soft, comfortable bed. Flannel sheets make a cozy bed in the winter, while silk sheets are luxurious in the summer. And make sure to get a fitted sheet that suits the dimensions of your mattress to avoid any lumps! 

And to complete the bed of your dreams, choose a plush duvet with a nice duvet cover, a down comforter, or consider a heated blanket for added warmth!

Need an extra layer? Add some throw blankets on top! They’re awesome for when you need to take a quick nap.

Get a New Mattress

And if nothing else works, you might just need to get a new mattress. Your mattress may be too old or just not the right mattress for you. 

Take your time choosing a high-quality mattress. Your weight, sleep position, and sleep style are most important for optimal comfort.

However, there are other things too. Want to know more? Check out our guide on How to Choose a Mattress. 

But it’s not just about the bed and all of its elements. 

Extra Advice for More Comfortable Sleeping

Other things can help you get a better night’s sleep. 

Make Your Bed in the Morning

Making your bed each morning boosts your mood. According to research, it keeps things tidy, reduces stress, and improves sleep. 

Adjust Lighting

Opt for soft, gentle lighting rather than bright overhead lights for better sleep. 

Dimmers offer control over brightness, while lampshades disperse light for a cozy ambiance. Install room-darkening blinds, shades, or drapes to keep the sunlight out.

Enjoy the perfect lighting balance for ultimate comfort in your room.

Hide Electronics

Watching TV in bed is relaxing, but those cords can ruin the mood. Hide electronics that make noise or light and avoid them before bed. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Know If Your Bed Is Bad for You?

If you’re waking up feeling uncomfortable, experiencing body aches, or having trouble sleeping consistently, it may be a sign that your bed isn’t supporting you properly. 

Pay attention to how you feel and consider investing in a new bed for a more comfortable and refreshing sleep experience.

Is It Normal for a New Bed to Be Uncomfortable?

It’s common for a new bed to feel different initially as your body adjusts to the change in support and comfort. Please give it some time as your mattress settles and your body adapts. 

If discomfort persists after a few weeks, consider contacting the manufacturer or exploring additional options for better comfort.

Can a Soft Mattress Cause Pain?

A soft mattress can cause back pain, especially if it lacks proper support. It may not provide enough spinal alignment, leading to discomfort or body aches. 

Consider finding a balance between softness and support that suits your needs for more pain-free and comfortable sleep.

Final Thoughts

Now you’re ready to go and make your bed as comfortable as possible. 

Remember the little details, like adding a mattress pad or a headboard and selecting the perfect bed linen and bedspreads to suit your preferences!

So go ahead, dive into the softness, snuggle up with your favorite pillows, and get ready to enjoy the most comfortable sleep of your life. We wish you a good night’s sleep!

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